Smart Activities keep your employees engaged, productive and accountable.

Use CrowdLogic Engage™ to design, manage and explore smart activities.

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Every employee completes activities that directly relate to Productivity. When these activities are augmented to be smart activites, the probability of success sky rockets. Manage and track them using the easiest and most intuitive software available.

  • Productivity Acceleration Programs
  • Motivation Programs (self/peer/management)
  • On Boarding
  • Off Boarding
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Retail Employee Training
  • New Job Orientation
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Qualtiy Audit/Monitoring
  • Checklists
  • Audits
  • Training Reinforcement
  • Sales Account Transfer
  • Product Field Notification/Training
  • Leader Board Competition
  • Surveys/Feedback
  • Points/Badges for Achievement

Productivity acceleration and employee engagement with Smart Activities

Accelerate Productivity

Effective learning programs are the most important thing a company can do to make employees productive as fast as possible.

Foster Employee Engagement

It has been proven that engaged employees are more productive and will be active in all areas that may help a company be successful.

Create successful employees

Keep employees focused on completing the most valuable activities.

Motivate employees with Smart Activities

A Smart Activity has an objective, holds employees accountable for completion, can check the level of success and provide self, peer or management motivation.
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Managing smart activities with CrowdLogic Engage™

Smart Activities... simple but powerful
  • Guide users through the entire task
  • Have built in methods of verification (Self, Third Party, Quizzes, Email)
  • Motivate and engage employees through familiar gamification features (points, badges, time based completions)
  • Communicate with the user through email with gentle reminders and notifications
  • Are part of a bigger picture, Smart Missions and Learning Plans group together smart activities creating a cohesive picture of larger connected programs
  • Provide Motivation to finish and achieve success by self, peer and management motivation
  • Are connected to analytics that give you a better picture of the effectiveness of your programs
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Smart Activities eliminate where tasks and activities go to die... Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Explorer online to-dos, one note or pads of paper

CrowdLogic Smart Activity does not:
  • Need an administrator
  • Need an IT employee
  • Take several days to a week to set up
Manager or Employee
CrowdLogic Smart Activity is simple to create and assign by:
  • Any Employee
  • Any Manager
  • Any Department
  • Can be created and assigned in an hour!
CrowdLogic Smart Activities can be:
  • Made as a single use Activity
  • Made as a template for local use within a defined user list
  • Made as a template for company wide use
  • Can be combined into groups of activites called Missions
  • Learning plans are combinations of Smart Activities and missions
CrowdLogic Smart Activities can include quizzes that are:
  • Simple to create. Anyone can do them with Quiz Wizard
  • Can have multiple questions
  • Multiple question types: Fill in, multiple choice, free text
  • Quizzes can be presented to the user: All at one time, revealed one right after the other or spaced out over time